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  • Tracking Daily Music Practice: A Study on Habit Persistence

    This blog post will discuss the benefits of tracking your daily music practice, and using a habit tracker to help you get in the habit of practicing every day. It is a well-known fact that musicians need to practice regularly. But how do we know if we are practicing enough? How do we know when it’s time to spend more time on one instrument or another? In this article, I will demonstrate how tracking your daily music practice can help you answer these questions for yourself.

    There are a few different ways to track your daily practice. One way is to keep a written record of what you practiced each day, including the time spent and what specifically you worked on. This can be helpful for seeing trends in your practice habits, and it also allows you to reflect back on your progress over time. Another option is to use a habit tracker, which is an app or website that tracks habits. Habit trackers usually have some type of visual cue as to the state of your current “streak” (for example, how many days in a row you’ve been practicing). The more consecutive days you practice on time, the longer your streak becomes. These tools can be very motivating to practice daily, and can help you build a habit of practicing.

    There are many benefits to tracking your music practice habits, such as: it allows you to see what works or doesn’t work for improving your playing; it motivates you to keep working hard on the things that take more time; and it helps musicians determine when it’s time to switch activities or focus on different aspects of playing. Of course, there are also downsides to tracking your practice habits. The biggest downside is that it can lead you to spend less time in deep concentration when practicing (for example, if you use the timer function). It may also make some people feel like they should be spending more time practicing. But overall, I think the benefits outweigh the costs of tracking your practice habits, and it can lead to more effective musical learning!

  • Let Your Dog Play Music – Training your music loving pup

    Do you love to make music? Do you have a dog that loves to listen to it, too? If so, this article is for you. With some training, your pup can learn how to play the music from your favorite song! This article will tell you everything about how best to train and what equipment is needed. We’ll also include a few tips on how best not to scare off any other dogs in the neighborhood when playing with them.

    The first step in training your dog to play music is getting them used to the sound of it. Start off by playing some calm classical music in the background while they’re eating or playing. Once they’re used to the sound, start turning up the volume a bit and see if they react negatively in any way. If they don’t seem to mind the noise, it’s time to start training them to play music!

    The next step is to get your pup used to the instruments. Start off by placing an instrument in front of them and see if they show any interest in it. If they do, begin feeding them treats while playing with the instrument. Once they’re comfortable with the instrument, it’s time to start training them to play music.

    The best way to train your dog to play music is by using positive reinforcement. Whenever they play a note correctly, give them a treat and lots of praise. If they make a mistake, don’t get frustrated – just calmly correct them and then continue giving treats and praise when they play the correct note. It may take some time, but with patience and persistence, your pup will be playing music like a pro!

    Now that you know how to train your dog to play music, it’s time to put on a show! Gather up some of your friends and family members and have them watch as your furry friend captivates them with their musical talent. Just make sure you don’t scare off any other dogs in the neighborhood when playing your music too loudly! If they seem to be scared, turn down the volume and try again later – maybe even further away from home so that your pup doesn’t feel like they’re being put on display.

  • Getting Better Home Recording Audio Ideas

    As you begin looking at opportunities to pursue as a home recording artist, you may be overwhelmed by all the different options out there. There are live music events, recordings with bands, and home recordings for online distribution. The key is to make the best choice based on your unique musical talents, your interests, your financial resources, and your personal style.
    To set up a home recording studio that will make great radio-friendly tracks, you only require 8 pieces of equipment. If you’d like to know what these items are, read on. The basic home recording studio setup includes the following components: drum set (the main equipment that will be used in the song preparation stage), a computer with a sequencer software, an acoustic keyboard, a microphone, headphones, and an interface with the computer for sequencing or recording.

    In this stage, the goal is to set up the room for your home recording studio. You need to find a good spot with no visible clutter in the area, such as a garage, basement, attic, or attic floor. Place the speakers in an open area so that you can monitor sound levels and control the dynamic range of the speakers. Place the microphones too high or low that you will be at risk of feedback. Also, consider using the floor-standing monitors as floor speakers for your main vocal tracks and backup vocals, or for the low end during a live performance.

    Next, you will need to hook up the audio interface to your computer. This audio interface will be responsible for connecting your computer to your sound card, your monitor, and the input and output devices that will go into your home recording studio. It also controls how the computer is used for sequencing or recording. Once you have everything hooked up, it’s time to start your first home recording studio.

    You can start out by operating with only one input (your monitor). In this stage, you won’t want a large mixer or mic, and you will probably not want an effects processor. However, the main reason why you’re starting out with a simple audio interface and not something more is that it will take a little while to get used to working with all of the different software programs for creating a home recording studio. After a few weeks of using your new equipment, you’ll be ready to move on to more complicated tasks.

    The third stage is headphones and speakers. Although your main concern will be the quality of sound produced when you record music production, it is also important to use these three items for your overall home studio set-up. In addition to the three main elements, you should also invest in a stereo tracking headset for your monitor and input monitoring, a subwoofer, and a reliable pair of headphones. Stereo recording headsets come in two types: closed-back and open-back headphones, and you should generally opt for the open-back style for the greatest audio reproduction available.

    Finally, you need a computer, an audio interface for connecting your computer to your home recording studio, and some transfer software to load your recordings onto your computer. Transfer software is used to convert your music files into high-quality MP3-compatible files. The easiest way to transfer audio is through using the iTunes application. While it’s true that there are many other options, such as some kind of portable USB drive that can let you save files directly onto your computer, I highly suggest saving your files through iTunes. Not only does it have great searching features and a fast scanning process, but iTunes also allows you to make changes to your audio files without having to go through the complicated process of transferring them from your computer to your computer.

    When you’re finished recording your first audio recordings, you will be amazed at how clean and perfect your final recordings are. However, you may want to experiment with the various levels of lossless compression. Many of the audio interfaces allow for a simple level of compression, which means that your recording will sound great, but won’t have any noticeable loss of sound when transferring it from your computer to your iPod. If you experiment, you’ll find out what the right settings are for your needs.

  • Old Time Rock and Roll Chords: What to Learn?

    Rock music, old-time rock and roll, and the music that made America want to jump out of their beds were considering “the best“. No wonder so many of these songs are still in the top ten. When we think about the music from the sixties and seventies, we are thinking about smooth jazz with smooth guitar lines and great vocal harmonies. It was the music of the times that were the precursor to what is known as “rock and roll”, but it was a much earlier genre.

    Rock and roll really took shape when America found itself needing something to cheer up, and a lot of the music was about spirituality and feelings. It was easy to learn the chords that went with this kind of music because everyone was singing, and all you had to do was sing along. This made it easy to learn simple songs and easy to learn some of the more difficult tunes.

    Some of the most well-known artists, at one time, had been spiritual people too, and their songs were easy to learn. Bob Dylan, who was a very down-to-earth guy, often talked about being a vegetarian and he was a master at creating choruses that were simple yet catchy. He could get anyone to sing his songs because he wrote very simple lyrics that spoke to almost anybody. Many of his songs are still in the top twenty.

    The Doors, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and many other wells know bands were also masters of simple, catchy songs that were easy to learn. You could listen to any of their albums and they were able to get you to sing along simply by changing the chords in a barre chord progression. Many people forget how influential these guys actually were. With just their presence, rock and roll changed forever.

    Even though there are many artists that have come and gone, the ones that have stayed are the ones that changed it all. Elvis, Cream, and the Stones changed the world with their easy tunes that anyone could sing and dance to. You never had to know what key you were playing in to get the song going. Even if you knew nothing about music before, these guys had you covered.

    These days, you have to be pretty specialized in order to be able to sing and play your instruments well. Most of the big bands use professional musicians that have studied music for years. They know all of the old classics as well as new favorites and are able to seamlessly mix and match them. They can tell when someone isn’t singing or playing the right rhythm. When you listen to old music, you realize that many of the rules of music no longer apply. People used to think that if someone could play guitar then they could write a song, but these days it’s quite the contrary.

    Many older songs are timeless, and even the newer songs that you hear today have timeless qualities to them. While you will have to do some research to learn how to play a chord, learning to play old songs is not that difficult. The learning process is easy, because the guitar sounds the same as it did back in the 70s, and it’s very easy to learn to play the basics.

    Learning how to play old-time rock and roll chords will keep you entertained for hours. You’ll also have something to pass the time during those lonely nights where you feel like sitting down and listening to old music. It’s one of the most relaxing things you can do, whether alone or with friends. Whether you are looking for the next song to sing while driving to work or want to learn how to put together a great song so that you can embarrass yourself at parties, these songs are for you.

  • Home Recording Studio Setup Tips

    With this home recording studio setup, you are able to create good quality music at home even without a big musical instrument. But even so, some of those things are optional. For instance, don t always need big speakers or heavy acoustic treatment because many people learn how to mix over headphones. And even if you do need one of those things, don’t be afraid to place them in corners or on opposite sides of the room as they will make the room less dull. Here are some other tips you may find useful.

    Acoustic Panels – If your studio consists of several workstations and each of them receives sound from different directions, then acoustics is important. You can use flat or curved acoustic panels to direct sound to different sections. In order to create a wide range of sound, you need to place the panels at 45 degrees to the wall. Acoustic panels can be floor standing or wall-mounted depending on your needs and the amount of space available. Also, it’s important that you adjust your workstation to get the best result from acoustic panels.

    Computer Workstation – If you have chosen a good home recording studio setup with a good sound system, then the next thing you need to add is a computer with proper sound card drivers. It’s also important that your computer has enough power to run all necessary software programs for recording. The reason is because you’ll be working with audio files, which can be very demanding when it comes to system requirements. So don’t make the mistake of thinking any ordinary computer will be able to handle a high-quality home recording studio set-up.

    Pre-amps & Monitors – It’s important to install good quality pre-amps in your home studio area. These are essential for sound recording as well as editing. There are many types of pre-amps and monitors available in the market today, so you need to decide on your workstation based on the type of monitor or pre-amp you need. You also need to consider the type of monitoring system you want to put in place. Usually, left and right side of the monitor are used for monitoring, but you may also need some type of input device if your monitor doesn’t have this option.

    Headphones – The last piece of gear that should be added in your recording studio is a set of quality monitor headphones. It’s a good idea to invest in headphones that are noise-resistant or have a noise-canceling feature. This way, you can prevent the unnecessary noises that can come from construction or equipment vibrations from damaging your ears. Selecting the right pair of headphones can be tricky and it might take some time before you find the right pair. Some recommended products include Sennheiser, cans, and ETCay.

    Acoustic Treatment – This is an often overlooked step when it comes to setting up a home studio setup. Basically, acoustics dictate how the sound from your music will be dispersed throughout the room. If there are too many disturbances on the air, your music will lack its natural tone and consistency. One way of dealing with this problem is to reduce the disturbance on the air by using a high quality ceiling or wall to floor enclosure. You can also use an additional dampening absorbing material on the ceiling so the outside noises are dampened as well.

    MIDI Controllers – If your home recording studio requires a certain midi controller, make sure to invest in one that is of good quality. Cheap midi controllers will only trigger a few midi notes rather than all the instruments necessary for music production. However, sometimes it’s necessary to purchase a midi controller that can trigger up to 16 instruments. Some examples include audio interface with onboard sound modules, rackmount interface, and USB interface. Make sure to check out reviews on these particular midi controllers before making your final decision.

  • How To Keep Your Music Studio A Safe Place For Your Dog

    Being a dog owner can be a matter of great responsibility but when you are also a musician, you will need to be extremely cautious when it comes to taking care of your pet. You might have to visit your music studio on a daily basis and when you have no one at home to take care of your dog, you will have to bring it along with you. Hence, it is very important that you do prior planning for making sure that your music studio will not make your pet to panic. Therefore, you will need to find out how to keep your music studio a safe place for your dog so that you can have a stress free music session. Additionally, you should look for ways to keep your dog because loud music can make your pet afraid. Hence, you should allow the dog to gradually become accustomed to the loud music at the studio so that you will not have to deal with an anxious and fear-stricken pet.

    The best way of keeping your dog safe and fearless in your music studio is by designating a safe place where you can keep your dog during your music recording sessions. This can be done either with the use of a dog crate or leash so that your dog will remain at the desired place without causing any issues during the music session. For this, you will need to find a quiet and soundproof room that will become a comfortable place for keeping your pet. You should look for ways of creating a calming and comforting environment so that the dog will become happy without being overwhelmed with loud music. You should also look for ways of preventing the exposure of your pet to sharp and unexpected noises as can cause fear and trauma in your dog. This can be achieved with the use of protective gear and hence you should buy high-quality products that will protect your dog from being exposed to extremely high sound in the music studio. You can opt for dog-specific headphones that the dog can wear for protection against loud noise and you can even use ear muffs so that your dog will remain calm and protected.

    Another excellent way of keeping your music studio a safe place for your dog is by creating an environment that will make the pet calm and comfortable. For this organization and cleanliness are key factors because the right kind of planning can make it easier for your pet to enjoy even during the music recording session. You should make sure that the music studios are well maintained and cleaned so that your pet will enjoy the time spent there without being stressed or overwhelmed. You should also have an ample amount of treats handy for rewarding your pet on the basis of its behavior so that you will not have a tough time in disciplining your pet. You should also take steps for ensuring that your dog does not get scared away even when loud music is played and this can be achieved with the help of music therapy.

  • How To Write A Rock Ballad For Your Pet

    Dogs are one of those animals that are just too incredible to not love properly, for that reason they became the world’s most popular pets and is a fact that can be claimed after obtaining the statistics of millions of people around the world that are dogs lovers or at least counts with one dog in their property. However, dogs are such amazing pets that even music bands are starting to adopt the culture of making songs about their close and best friends, their dogs! Which can be a pretty fantastic theory but in practice is not that simple because making a rock ballad is complicated by standard measures, now imagine if you have to add more things, so let’s discover how to manage everything correctly, stay tuned.


    This means that don’t try to make a rock ballad for your dog at the moment in which you get it because that will end incredibly bad for multiple reasons, being the first one the fact that you won’t have enough good quality moments with your dog to be able to express them to the public by a ballad for that reason, take things with calm and after some months or even years, you will find the inspiration for that rock ballad in which you will shower them with love that your relationship with your dog is something unique that not everyone can flex about.


    When creating a song about different things that are not so much created to rock is difficult to make a good ballad since the music genre will feel off due to the selected words, for that reason, you should write and decide everything carefully since it’s very easy to be out of sync and everything will go to waste, just find inspiration with the previous step and try to do your best to stay on the topic with the correct sounds and expressions and after that, your ballad will be completed in no time, work carefully and ask for the help of your crewmates if necessary.


    Using multiple combinations of effects, sounds and everything else related to the topic will be a good way of finding inspiration and creating a good rock ballad that will be entertaining enough for the fanatics and for the public, also make sure to include your dog’s breed or personality in the lyrics, don’t try to use the pet in your title or introduction and forget about it in the next step of the lyrics, just remember that this will be a kind of tribute towards your best friend, don’t make everything messed up to the point that the public won’t understand what kind of topic are you using, be careful with this and remember, a good ballad will be the one that takes proper advantage of the sounds, effects, and proper lyrics, otherwise everything will be pointless, do your best and the results will kick in! Good luck!

  • Great Gifts For Musical Dog Lovers

    If along with your dog you also love music then choosing a gift for your dog that makes musical sounds can be a great thing. Though you can find several musical gifts for dogs some of the dog gifts discussed hereunder can be very useful for your dog along with entertaining you.


    It is a perfect interactive electronic toy for your dog if he loves balls and toys making squeaking sounds. This toy includes two balls made from pet safe materials. These are synced with each other through a Bluetooth connection. One ball will start squeaking when your dog will roll around the other ball. This squeaking sound will encourage your dog to burn his energy and have fun by running between the balls. In this way, it will be the perfect gift for your dog if he has never played with such imaginable toys


    It is a kind of Candy Crush for your dog. It is an interactive toy for your dog which will provide him a canine treat whenever he will repeat the light patterns shown by the toy. This toy has been designed by CleverPet, a group of neuroscientists, to help in entertaining your dog as well as keep him engaged whenever you have left him alone in the house. According to CleverPet, this toy ensures that your dog will become naughty if he tends to get bored very quickly. Moreover, it will also control the destructive skills of your dog by giving him something to do. Instead of chewing your valuable clothes and furniture, he will be busy in repeating the lights to get a treat.

    This is a good gift for the dog breeds that have to be motivated to eat food or have high energy levels. You can also use this toy to encourage your dog to eat his routine food. This fun game will not only prevent your dog from getting bored but also make him eat his food in a creative manner.

    This toy also adjusts the level of difficulty of the game automatically to make it more interesting and challenging for your dog for a long time. You can visit the website of CleverPet to know more in this regard


    It is a pet chime operated by the paw of your dog. It is a good musical toy for your pet that tends to scratch your doors while coming back to your home. You can put is out of your door. Whenever your dog will return your home instead of scratching the door he will put his paw on this doorbell to give you a signal about his return.

    In this way, it is not only a funny dog gift but also useful for musical dog lovers. However, you will have to train your dog to put his paw on the button of this toy to ring a doorbell inside the home.

    Thus, some of the dog gifts can not only entertain the dogs but also their musical owners. You can choose from them as per your preferences.

  • How To Throw A Heavy-Metal Themed Party

    Do you love a musician and do you want to throw a heavy metal-themed birthday party for your partner? But are you worried about how to manage everything and arrange all these? So, you have come to the right place. You should not worry too much. We are here to help you from top to bottom. So, let’s check all details about how to throw a heavy metal-themed party.

    A themed party is related to a subject. The subject should be its main attraction. So, you will have to arrange and decorate all things as per the subject matter. If you want to throw a heavy metal-themed party, then you need to arrange everything as per that.


    While it is about heavy metal, then you need a lot of electric guitars. So, you can borrow it from the stores or your friends. Then you need to arrange everything and decorate the room or place with those guitars. The heavy metal theme is incomplete without electric guitars. Apart from this, if you want a whole night music party for the birthday occasion, then you should hire some musicians for those who are well known from the heavy metal music genre.


    When you are planning for a heavy metal-themed party, then you should not forget about the posters. You need to decorate the whole room or place of the party with those posters. You should use the heavy metal posters from famous music bands like White Snake, Poison, Metallica. These posters are inexpensive but very much effective and suitable for the perfect decoration. So, you should not miss it out. With the proper decoration, you can make and arrange a classy party for your special one.


    You should not miss these things. After all, these are the main things of the heavy metal theme. You should add some garlands of the skull and crossbones all around the room or party place. You can order this from any online shopping site. You should add some posters saying ‘Rock and Roll’. You can also buy some cutouts and paper fans for decoration purposes.


    After decoration, it is high time to order a customized cake. Now everyone is fascinating about the customized cake. So, what are you waiting for? You can order a customized cake as per the theme of your party. For the heavy metal-themed party, you can order a drum-set birthday cake. You can also place a drummer miniature on this cake. It is more appreciating and interesting. Your partner will surely admire your efforts. Apart from this, you can also order a heavy metal-themed cake for this special occasion. It will be more exciting than anything else.

    Now, everything is ready. You can arrange food items and drinks as well. But you should not forget to arrange some bottles of Jack Daniel’s. Without Jack Daniel’s, your party cannot reach a high peak. So, with the perfect foods starting from starter to the main course, you should add high-quality drinks as well. It will set the mood for your party. You can also request the guests to dress according to the theme of the party. It will be an amazing and great party as well.

  • The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitar Players In History

    In Heavy Metal bands one of the most important members is the guitar player since the sound of the song will rely on the capacity and skills of that person, without a guitar player it wouldn’t be Heavy Metal, just another music genre. Since there are lots of famous Heavy Metal bands around the world, it’s difficult to rank their success and the quality of the members of every single band, but the guitar players tend to outclass the other roles so the people who get that main role ends with a very famous career and respect from other bands and fans after some time, so just for curiosity, let’s discover which ones are the best Heavy Metal guitar players in history, stay tuned.


    This name is pretty famous and big in the Heavy Metal community since it represents a lot for one of the best bands in the history which is Metallica. James Hetfield is a legend among the guitar players around the world for its incredible skills and control with the guitar, also, we can’t forget that is voice can be very versatile to work in a solo or as part of the team like at that time when he and Kirk Hammet (another important name to consider in this list thanks to its guitar skills) combined their skills to make perfection in multiple songs. He took part in important tracks of Metallica such as Unforgiven, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters and so many more, he couldn’t be forgotten for this special list.


    An inspiration for many guitar players around the world, everything about his skills and innovations is something out of this world. The reason why he is the inspiration of new guitarists is for the fact that he couldn’t take the easy path, everything in its life was filled with complicated challenges that he took face to face in order to achieve its dreams, so the big message that he delivered to the world was to never give up on your dreams without caring if they are too big for normal human beings, everything will come with hard work and dedication, just work harder than anyone else and you will be at the top. Some of its most important participations were in Iron Man, Paranoid, Children of the Grave and so many others as well.


    He was a legend and the Heavy Metal God which inspired multiple guitarists around the world to follow their dreams and never give up. He counted with a lot of experience in Neo-Classical Metal and even in the Classical Music, which helped him a lot in his journey to achieve its dreams as playing as a Heavy Metal guitar player. He took inspiration for bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones since they were the best among the best in its opinion. Some of the tracks in which he worked were Crazy Train, Not so funny, Mr. Crowley and so man others as well that caught the attention of the fans and other bands due to the incredible sound of the guitar in the tracks, what a legend! Sadly, he passed away in 1932 due to a plane accident, he will be remembered as an outstanding guitar player even among the pros.