Tips to Get Your Band Noticed by Music Consumers Through Live Music Streaming

Share your sessions on social media. You can share your personalized session information along with links to social media profiles. Session sharing is a great way to reconnect with old friends and fans and to share unique live music moments from your favorite bands. Sessions is also the only place for free live music streaming on the internet 24 hours a day.
Explore tons of live streaming concerts by top artists around the globe. Streamline your social media experience by accessing artists and albums that have yet to be heard on the genre you are into. Learn about new and upcoming artists through detailed profiles and streaming music videos by artists on the rise.

Like Concerts on Facebook, users could stream concerts by liking posts from artists they love or following upcoming concerts listed on the artist’s profile page. The platform also allows users to post comments on any band photos posted or upcoming gigs. Concert streams on Facebook are private and users couldn’t see the concert without logging in to the Facebook account. In addition, they couldn’t comment on any posts regarding the concert or gig.

Share your stories with others. Live Music Stories brings fans together to discuss their experiences at live concerts. Post your own story or read up on other stories of other attendees and get feedback from your community. Music fans are among their most active social media followers. With the upcoming rise of streaming platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others, social media will soon be a place to collaborate and network within the music industry.
Watch upcoming music events on the Spotify artist’s website. The Spotify artist’s website is a one-stop shop for fans, upcoming artists, and music companies. Spotify has an updated list of upcoming shows listed on its homepage. The site also features videos from upcoming shows featured on other artist’s websites. By using the streaming services on the Spotify artist’s website, fans can view upcoming concerts, recordings, interviews, etc.

Share your music with others. Music sharing continues to be a popular trend. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, and StumbleUpon allow users to share content with the public. Some social media services even combine video sharing with the sharing of content. If you use streaming services to share your content, other users will likely do so as well. This viral marketing strategy helps fan communities grow.

Get the word out about your band. If you have a live streaming event coming up, make sure you promote it! Posting on your social media pages, creating a press release, and performing at various events around town are just a few ways to get the word out about your band. It’s also helpful to keep fans informed about the event through social media. When you are promoting your band and the upcoming concert, ask fans to share the event on their pages. If you are not on social media, simply share the concert information on your company website.

Use music streaming services to give your fans an easier way to connect to your events. As mentioned above, these services are becoming increasingly popular because they are perfect for sharing content and videos that would normally be unavailable to the general public. In addition, live streaming giants like YouTube and Pandora are starting to provide videos in different categories to better suit a smaller crowd. Artists who want to reach a larger audience should definitely consider creating streaming content.

Work with record labels to promote your concerts. Many artists are wary of working directly with independent artists and label reps because they believe their music will not be given the attention it deserves by mainstream entities. However, working with record labels can be beneficial to both sides. First, record labels typically have massive catalogs of potential songs that can be used for promotions. On top of that, streaming services allow an artist to collaborate with other artists and get their music into the mainstream.

Use streaming platforms to give your fans more information about your upcoming tour. Live streaming platforms are perfect for sharing video content. You could easily provide footage of your performance, fan photos, or posters from your previous shows to your followers on social media sites. By providing video content, users could share the live experience with their friends and family, which could drive more people to your shows.

Give your music a larger audience. As the popularity of live music streams grows, artists will benefit greatly from this technology. Aside from drawing a large audience to their concerts, record labels will receive the benefit of having wider distribution. As artists gain more exposure through these services, they will be able to generate more revenue from recorded music sales and touring.

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