The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitar Players In History

In Heavy Metal bands one of the most important members is the guitar player since the sound of the song will rely on the capacity and skills of that person, without a guitar player it wouldn’t be Heavy Metal, just another music genre. Since there are lots of famous Heavy Metal bands around the world, it’s difficult to rank their success and the quality of the members of every single band, but the guitar players tend to outclass the other roles so the people who get that main role ends with a very famous career and respect from other bands and fans after some time, so just for curiosity, let’s discover which ones are the best Heavy Metal guitar players in history, stay tuned.


This name is pretty famous and big in the Heavy Metal community since it represents a lot for one of the best bands in the history which is Metallica. James Hetfield is a legend among the guitar players around the world for its incredible skills and control with the guitar, also, we can’t forget that is voice can be very versatile to work in a solo or as part of the team like at that time when he and Kirk Hammet (another important name to consider in this list thanks to its guitar skills) combined their skills to make perfection in multiple songs. He took part in important tracks of Metallica such as Unforgiven, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters and so many more, he couldn’t be forgotten for this special list.


An inspiration for many guitar players around the world, everything about his skills and innovations is something out of this world. The reason why he is the inspiration of new guitarists is for the fact that he couldn’t take the easy path, everything in its life was filled with complicated challenges that he took face to face in order to achieve its dreams, so the big message that he delivered to the world was to never give up on your dreams without caring if they are too big for normal human beings, everything will come with hard work and dedication, just work harder than anyone else and you will be at the top. Some of its most important participations were in Iron Man, Paranoid, Children of the Grave and so many others as well.


He was a legend and the Heavy Metal God which inspired multiple guitarists around the world to follow their dreams and never give up. He counted with a lot of experience in Neo-Classical Metal and even in the Classical Music, which helped him a lot in his journey to achieve its dreams as playing as a Heavy Metal guitar player. He took inspiration for bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones since they were the best among the best in its opinion. Some of the tracks in which he worked were Crazy Train, Not so funny, Mr. Crowley and so man others as well that caught the attention of the fans and other bands due to the incredible sound of the guitar in the tracks, what a legend! Sadly, he passed away in 1932 due to a plane accident, he will be remembered as an outstanding guitar player even among the pros.

The Best Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time

Heavy Metal, the intense, deafening sounds of distorted guitars, jam-packed fans, and the uber-cool music, and the most commercially successful rock music genre, If you are a Heavy Metal lover, you must know many bands got into heavy metal so here is a list of top 3 bands and all you wanted to know about them.


They started their journey in 1981, arguably the richest band with a net worth of 1.5 billion dollars, this band has sold over 125 million records, the only band that holds a Guinness world record of having toured all continents. Their popularity is not limited to metal lovers, they go beyond it. When it is about rock music in general no discussion misses the name Metallica stretches far past metalheads, making them a staple of any discussion about rock music.


Known for the perfect blend of heavy metal and prodigy rock, this band started off in 1985 with the name “majesty”, the band members are college drop-outs who focused their life to their band which eventually became “Dream Theater”. This band has sold over 12 million records across the world. An interesting fact about them – they sang songs of Iron Maiden in their college days.


The contribution of this band to heavy metal is beyond imagination they pioneered what is today known as heavy metal. They soared like eagles from 1970 to 1979, though their other albums were also hit, none touched the heights the first four albums did.

Did you know one of the band members Tony lost two of his fingertips in an accident at a metal sheet factory? He uses plastic fingertips to play guitar. Tony was given a deal by the band to erase his trails from the band.

So why is Black Sabbath considered to be one of the greatest bands, given their multiple bad member changes over time? The answer is music, they have given the loudest and the hardest of heavy metal to the world. Without them, none of the heavy metal lovers would have been born.


Supposedly one of the “youngest” heavy metal band, they have made their mark with live shows. Their new music is a hit in the market and appeals to the younger generation, in the music industry for over three decades now, this band is not afraid to take risks. Fans have been so crazy that the call the music they play as “Iron Maiden-ness”, this band has not only outdone themselves every time but has upped the standards of heavy metal music. They are assumed to be one of the greatest metal band of all times.

So what is the secret to their success? Well, the answer is simple, their love for heavy metal, their dedication, and their quirkiness. Yes you heard that right, they are a kind of show-offs, their spectacular shows are larger than life, the stages are oversized, the sound systems used are deafening, and not to forget their mascot – Eddie.

These three are at the top of the list of heavy metal music. Still alive and kicking, with time going by their music is aging like a fine wine, winning millions of hearts across the world. There was a time when this kind of music was limited and also considers outrageous but with time especially in the 21st century this is the “in thing”.