About the Author

Dan grew up with a family of musicians, from his grandfather who was a guitarist to his father who not only plays piano and drums but also compose and produce songs. Add to that, his mother was a vocalist and a songwriter. With those, it is only natural that he and his siblings will be musically inclined too. Not only they were taught different kinds of instruments and other musical skills, they were also influenced with the music their parents have. Dan’s father grew up listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, ACDC, and the like, and Dan grew up loving them too.

He knows that for some, heavy metal is too loud and just noise. But for him, it’s different. It is an expression that may look like a lot of anger. It is more than that to him though. One will have to listen carefully to know and appreciate the meaning of them. And it is his joy to share that with others.