How To Write A Rock Ballad For Your Pet

Dogs are one of those animals that are just too incredible to not love properly, for that reason they became the world’s most popular pets and is a fact that can be claimed after obtaining the statistics of millions of people around the world that are dogs lovers or at least counts with one dog in their property. However, dogs are such amazing pets that even music bands are starting to adopt the culture of making songs about their close and best friends, their dogs! Which can be a pretty fantastic theory but in practice is not that simple because making a rock ballad is complicated by standard measures, now imagine if you have to add more things, so let’s discover how to manage everything correctly, stay tuned.


This means that don’t try to make a rock ballad for your dog at the moment in which you get it because that will end incredibly bad for multiple reasons, being the first one the fact that you won’t have enough good quality moments with your dog to be able to express them to the public by a ballad for that reason, take things with calm and after some months or even years, you will find the inspiration for that rock ballad in which you will shower them with love that your relationship with your dog is something unique that not everyone can flex about.


When creating a song about different things that are not so much created to rock is difficult to make a good ballad since the music genre will feel off due to the selected words, for that reason, you should write and decide everything carefully since it’s very easy to be out of sync and everything will go to waste, just find inspiration with the previous step and try to do your best to stay on the topic with the correct sounds and expressions and after that, your ballad will be completed in no time, work carefully and ask for the help of your crewmates if necessary.


Using multiple combinations of effects, sounds and everything else related to the topic will be a good way of finding inspiration and creating a good rock ballad that will be entertaining enough for the fanatics and for the public, also make sure to include your dog’s breed or personality in the lyrics, don’t try to use the pet in your title or introduction and forget about it in the next step of the lyrics, just remember that this will be a kind of tribute towards your best friend, don’t make everything messed up to the point that the public won’t understand what kind of topic are you using, be careful with this and remember, a good ballad will be the one that takes proper advantage of the sounds, effects, and proper lyrics, otherwise everything will be pointless, do your best and the results will kick in! Good luck!

The Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Ever Written

Heavy Metal is one of the most popular and emblematic music genres of all time thanks to the different skills and solo plays that the tracks have in their lyrics, it can be considered as a true masterpiece among the music world. However, there are lots of bands around the world that motivated and inspired other people to follow their dreams and to never give up with their songs, and since there are hundreds of songs, you should know which ones are the best to avoid listening to the basic ones, so, let’s dive into the top to avoid losing more time, stay tuned.


This list shouldn’t exist if bands like Black Sabbath weren’t on it, so as a great start we have Heaven and Hell which is a song that is based on the dichotomy between the good and evil, and the fact that the human beings can be capable of being both of them, it makes it truly alarming and incredible at the same time. The reason why this song is considered to bs the best among the best tracks is for the different bass lines and overarching themes that this song has, a great masterpiece that can’t be forgotten.


As a statement, you should consider other songs that were written and developed by Ozzy Osbourne like Crazy Train or Mr. Crowley, however, it would be a sin if you don’t get to hear No More Tears which is technically speaking the best song of this Heavy Metal band by far due to the inspiration of the song which is a serial killer and his unfortunate victim to developed further emotions and expressions that catch the attention of the general public with an outstanding performance in terms of tones, guitar solos, and voice, in conclusion, what a masterpiece and legendary track.


A legendary band like Iron Maiden couldn’t be out of this list, and one of their best example of a masterpiece could be The Trooper in which there are lots of emotions and guitar solos that goes through the song which is based about the Battle of Balaclava in 1854, is a song that opens the public with the different fast tones and the outstanding job of the guitarists, the public’s favorite one in times of injustice and complicated problems that the world was facing.


When people talk about this sound they maybe associate it with the cover that Metallica produced, however, the base song was better in some aspects and no one could be blamed since Diamond Head was a beast back in those days of pure Heavy Metal, and this beast is the great example of it, what a wonderful song. It’s a mixture of emotions and punk-like power that built a great song for the band, also, we can’t forget about the speedy guitar solo that was just something out of this world and not only that, they were the inspiration of guitarists like Kirk Hammett for Metallica! They did a good job and for that reason, this song is one of the best ones in Heavy Metal history.