Which Song Is the First Important Garage Band Hit on a National Level?

“Written Round You” by The Frays: One of my favorite songs from The Heads Of The California Men. I am not sure who wrote this, but this was a fun song for me to groove to. This is the first song on their debut album and it contains the line “written round you like a dream”. This is an interesting song because it is very similar to Michael Jackson’s “Who is it?” from the Thriller album.

“Come Together”: This was the first single off of The Heads Of The California Men’s self-titled album. This was also the first hit for the band. It doesn’t actually contain the word “bra”, but it almost does. Regardless, this is still one of the most memorable garage band hits.
“Reelin’ In The Years”: This is probably the first time I remember hearing this song (other than the immortalization in the liner notes of American Pie). This was actually the first radio hit for The Beatles. It became a huge hit over the summer. Just goes to show, sometimes things just happen.

“Wheels On The Train”: This song was actually recorded by The Beatles while they were on their way to the studio to record their next album (otherwise known as The White Album). And guess what? The lyrics are about their struggle to get away from Jimi Hendrix. That’s quite an interesting story, isn’t it? Even though this is a great song and a huge hit, it really didn’t make much of a statement.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand Tonight”: This song actually came out later in the decade than the other songs on this list. It was released in the early to mid-’70s. Imagine if this had been the opening track on American Pie! It’s certainly the first place that my band got associated with. So, as you can imagine, this song is another huge hit. Which makes it my favorite of all the American Pie songs.

“igo yingo” (also known as American Pie): I think this is actually the first song that made me remember American Pie (and I’ve heard many others since then). The original version was about a girl who wanted to marry a rich man (the father of one of the girls). This song is still a top hit in the United States, and around the world. So, again, not only was this song one of the biggest hits for the group (which also happens to be one of the best), but it was also one of the first country music hits (and possibly still one of the best country music hit singles ever).

One of the things that make this list a hit single is the incredible voice of Angie Neilson. Neilson’s strong wail and high pitch are a great addition to any collection of country music hits. Another reason this track has endured for over 30 years is that it just keeps getting updated. You never run out of young up-and-coming stars singing it. It’s just one of those timeless tunes that will never lose its popularity.

So, which song is considered to be the first important garage band hit on a national level? That debate will likely rage on for quite some time. The votes will probably rage until either one of the girls gets to number one. But one thing is certain.

Which hit single remains the most popular with fans? That would have to be “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” by Rose. This track is a true classic, having an instantly recognizable sound and harmonies. The lyrics are still a classic, too: “All You’ve Got to do is Dream.”

Which song is considered to be the first country music hit on a national level? That would have to be “American Pie” by George Strait. The original version was a huge hit single and still remains one of the best country songs ever.

Which song is considered to be the first rockabilly hit? That would again be “Mystery Train.” If you want a true test of the ages, this track must be in the top ten. (If not, just give it up. There are many others that could compete for the title.) By now, you probably know the answer to which song is the first country music hit.

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